Apple Vision Pro & Nuendo - Cubase

I wonder if Steinberg R&D engineers are already looking at future developments to control their softwares through Apple Vision Pro.

I would be very interested to exceed physical screens (or multi screens) limitations and be able to display whatever I want altogether in the largest size possible… Particularly within music to picture Nuendo world.

Occupying all space around is true virtual studio. Physical manipulations to control anything I can display like waveforms, events, plugins, faders, etc… best air “surface” ever.

Body fatigue is of course the main issue I can think of. Weight on head, nose and face cannot be sustained for long a period of work which is our day to day standard. But I guess future AVP versions will get lighter and lighter.

Pinch is alright but vertical hands or arm movements for several hours is also a burden. This opens a new field of ergonomic gestures that needs to be created.

Nevertheless, watching Moog’s Animoog performance using AVP is also very inspiring.

I definitely get one.