Application feedback in case that incorrect / not feasible midi commands (midi monitor)

Dear VST LIVE development team,

I recognized that there are great functionalities to control VST LIVE via externa apps via midi.
During the setup and testing of my midi configuration between VST LIVE and my external app (mobile sheets pro) I also did some mistakes (sending incorrect midi message which tried to open a setlist which was not existing at VST LIVE).

Improvement proposal: Would it be helpful to implement in VST LIVE (maybe as enhancement of the midi monitor) also an overview which shows which actions were performed or maybe also a error syntax which informes that a midi command could not be processed because a setlist is not existing.

I guess that you are currently working on topics which are much more important but I thought that maybe in the future such a feature could help usern to let them learn themself in case that they are doing mistakes based on error messages from the application without creating support tickets at Steinberg support team (win-win-situation of Steinberg Support + VST user).

Kind regards + thanks in advance for your excellent work / support

Hi @SKO,

yes, that’s a good idea. Maybe VST Live can highlight a triggered action in the “Actions and Shortcuts” dialog. But as you already mentioned : We have to focus to crashes or problems first. After those tasks are done we can improve the software. We always need to find a mixture between bug fixes and improvements. But promised : We are always listening and trying to answer every message.

Thank you,

Thanks Michael for your feedback :slight_smile: