Application Icon could be better

My experience with Dorico is very positive, and look forward to using it much more when the few bugs are squashed and more functionality is developed. I think it’s got a bright future.

Perhaps it’s only me, but I find the app icon ugly, cheap-looking, and think that it looks poorly designed alongside others. The Dorico icon has the rounded-square shape which is a hangover from iOS app icon design, and Apple’s own design guidelines for developers discourage this. Almost every other professional Mac applications I have avoids this and consequently look a lot better.

Thoughts? I know this isn’t important at this point… but I care about it!

Thanks for your feedback on the icon. We try to use icons for our products that can have a consistent appearance on both Windows and macOS, and there is inevitably a degree of compromise involved in coming up with icon designs that work adequately on both platforms, whose design guidelines are almost completely divergent. Dorico’s icon is the first of a new series of icons that will be used on the next revisions of each of Steinberg’s pro applications.

Though I have to second that point of phenoplastic. I think so too, the icon looks bad. Overall it is good, but why that light grey colour on that one side?

For what it’s worth I find the Dorico icon quite beautiful and subtle, especially compared with some of its competitors. It’s also easy to find on my MacOS dock: it stands out, but not in a jarring way.

Yes, the icon makes the whole application unusable!!! :wink:

Goodness. I was just examining it closely yesterday and thinking it’s really rather cleverly thought out. Plus…
Easy to find on a icon-cluttered desktop. Simple and straightforward.
Apparently not good enough.
We are fussy aren’t we?

Ulf, you might want to consider towing the company line on our design choices! :slight_smile:

I quite like the icon

  1. It stands out in a crowd – usually I have difficulty distinguishing icons, since all I can distinguish is the colour, but this one, despite its red colour is clearly not an Adobe icon!

  2. I think it is clever – enough.

  3. Come on folks: it’s only a bloody icon! :slight_smile: The development team can spend its time more wisely at the moment than redesigning this!


About time someone brought some irony to this (IMO) rather trivial detail at this point of Dorico’s development.

Yeah I have to agree. If you guys could just come up with a “better” looking icon, all bugs would be squashed, features would magically appear, and we’d achieve world peace. You really need to get on this team Steinberg! :wink:

OK - I know I was setting myself up to be mocked…Perhaps I’m the only one with some aesthetic sense here… :wink:
I happen to think that this is a notable improvement over the original icon :

I have to say, that looks pretty good!

Sorry I meant no disrespect. Just my runaway joking nature.

I like your icon. :sunglasses:

I also like the original.

I think the icon just stands out due to its size—it takes up the full height and width possible. It looks right at home with a little padding.




The size is part of the problem, and you’ve improved it. It still looks like an iPhone icon from 2008 to me. That white oblong…

[quote=“aclissold”]I think the icon just stands out due to its size—it takes up the full height and width possible. It looks right at home with a little padding.

I totally get your point, phenoplastic. It just doesn’t look like a Mac app in the dock. Of course, it’s a detail and it doesn’t have anything to do with the usefulness of the software, but to be honest, the gigantic icon was my first disappointment with Dorico (never like Sibelius’ ugly icons either). I love the software, but not the icon.

yup, the application Icon needs to be change by the company so get the best view of it