Application 'LCC2' has caused... error: Process with the ID NOT found

This is not true. Please have a look at the announcements.

After a few hours of troubleshooting, I worked out, that if you completely uninstall eLicenser Control Center and then install this older version from 18 months ago, you can open Cubase Pro again without having to kill “Protected Object Server”. and it still recognizes the Cubase 11 license.

Like I said before, I highly suspect there is a large bug in the latest versions of eLicenser Control Setup. Given that this is a professional studio and anyone could open eLicenser Control Setup by accident or curiosity which would cause Cubase to stop opening even after restart unless the workaround steps above are done, it seems way too dangerous to keep the new version installed.

So if you get this error, I would recommend downgrading to the old version until they fix this. Too bad that the Cubase 11 install automatically updates eLicenser Control to the latest version. I suspect more people will have this problem and find this page.

I don’t have the balls to run Maintenace again. It is working for now so I will leave it alone. I have no idea if running Maintenace will sync my other Steinberg key or Software licenser number or not but that was mostly for troubleshooting anyway.

Certainly, this is not the full story.

There is something more involved on your system here. If this were a bug in the program there would be many, many posts about it all coming in at the same time.

How many people are really running older versions of Cubase Pro in Administrator mode though? I agree there might be something else going on, especially since the newer version would not add my changed blank software eLicenser hardware id.

Either way, we have a whole thread of people here getting the same error. It should probably be investigated.

As audio engineers we troubleshoot by trial and error. Swapping cables, mics, interfaces etc… until we find the culprit. In this case, downgrading the eLicenser Control Center makes everything work again, which makes sense because Cubase 11 upgraded it and that’s exactly when it stopped working for us.

So regardless of whether it effects all people or not, for some people like myself, going back to the older version fixes it. Why that is the case, I have no idea but clearly for me the old version that works is far superior to the new broken version.

you’re masking the cause then, which works for you, so great.

I think you might be overlooking the severity of the issue. It would be at minimum worth seeing if the issue could be replicated on another machine. It’s far too risky for me to troubleshoot it further to work out exactly what happened. It’s very scary to not be able to open up Cubase when your entire income depends on it.

To others reading this post. I know the work-arounds are already written here and you could do them but please write a comment if you have this problem so that Steinberg take it more seriously. No-ones license should just stop working after upgrading it. If people thought that was a possibility, no professionals would ever upgrade. I thought I would be safe updating to Cubase 11 after they had over a year to work out all the bugs. I was still not safe.

Of course. That is what tech support does. Have you opened a ticket?

I opened a support ticket yesterday. I haven’t heard back yet but it is the weekend.

I’ve got the problem too. I haven’t even touched my system for a few weeks. Now this problem.

My guess, something going on with the licensing server. And why not? …as that is what Steinberg is working on.

So I guess I’m off to install an old eLicenser as well.

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Thanks for letting us know. The more people that complain, the more likely they will do something. I’m sure many people will just read this thread without commenting, which is not going to help us long term so thanks for leaving a comment to let us know. Hopefully they fix whatever is causing this.

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THANK YOU! After updating from Windows 10 to Windows 11, I had this issue too. Although stopping the Protected Object Server process works too, the issue will be back after reboot, which would be rather annoying. Your fix is more permanent.

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After reverting back to the old eLicenser, I can start up Cubase but it gets stuck on “Initializing”. Have to kill Cubase.

Plus, this has happened multiple times when running the maintenance in eLicenser:

it get stuck sending the elicenser info.
Windows 10. latest Cubase.

Moving my eLicenser off of my little USB hub (not really a hub, just a quadrupler)
has fixed my issue. Directly plugged into a USB port off the motherboard now. Wow.

Note, this is not a problem with my USB hub as it works fine on MAC OS… and it turns out to not have been a problem with elicenser software either… unless of course I’m completely wrong and something was fixed on Steinberg’s end without my knowledge. But I doubt that. I think it’s the hub, on Windows 10, on my particular machine perhaps.

Thanks. Glad downgrading the eLicenser Control Center is working for you too.

It seems fairly permanent for now but the problem might come back if we try to update to Cubase 12 or if a Windows OS update stops the old eLicenser Control Center from working so it is still concerning. The fact that the old version works on Windows 11 is promising and good to know. I worry we might be automatic OS update from it stopping working one day. I’m going to backup my OS with Acronis just in case. I’m going to hold off updating to Cubase 12 for now until they sort out what is happening.

I had the same issue. I restarted my computer and 11 booted up fine along with 12.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…
THANK YOU so much!

Received this in response to my email to Vienna Instruments and it was the solution for me. They are great!
See below

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we did see a few “ID NOT found” error messages starting to pop up in support a few months ago. We did some logging and provided detailed information for the Steinberg developers (eLicenser), but this was never really fixed, to my knowledge. There are also other non-related cases in the Steinberg Forum. So this issue seems to affect all kinds of 3rd party products like HALion Sonic, Cubase, …as well - not just VSL products. But here are a few things you can try - and I would test in between every time to see if that step has fixed it:

- Uninstall the eLCC software & reinstall it as admin (!)
- Install the eLCC helper tool
- Run the eLCC software as admin and click “Maintenance”
- Start your sequencer/hosts, then go to the Task Manager and end the “protected Object” task" - if there is one. Then start Vienna Ensemble Pro.

I also saw a post in the forum thread mentioning the SofteLicenser possibly causing these issues (VSL products don’t use the soft-eLicenser).

Best regards,

this works omg you saved my life thank you!!!

You are a genious !!! Thank you so much !!!

Thank you so much Elien. I have just encountered this issue for the first time and your solution worked like a treat.
Steinberg- please sort this out!!!