Applied Acoustics VST instrument Editor Window Disappears

I’ve got a weird problem that I can’t find any solution for online. Recently purchased all of the Applied Acoustics Sytems virtual instruments ( Chromaphone, Tassman, Ultra Analog VA-2, etc ). The instruments work perfectly in standalone mode, but if I try to bring them up in Cubase to select a patch, they pop up, and when you try to choose a preset or edit the instrument, it disappears. Select it again and it comes back. Try to choose a preset and it blinks off and back on. I have a case open with AAS but was wondering if anyone else ran into this with these VST instruments or any other VST instruments. I don’t see this happening with any other VST instruments. I am running multiple displays so perhaps that’s affecting things. Any ideas?

I’m running Cubase Pro 8 on Windows 7 premium intel 17 16GB ram.

Is it possible to right click and select always on top?

Think I have resolved the problem. Changed the preferences in Cubase 8: Preferences–> VST–> Plug-ins … I deselected "Plug-in Editor “Always on Top”. Then they open and can be adjusted. Funny though that in the plug-in window itself it says “always on top”. Strange. Thanks Grim for the help.

The whole AOT thing with plugs has been a mess since the new gui. I actually didn’t mention the preference as I thought that was broken but maybe it’s the other way around now!