Applied insert fx aren't visible in waveform change?

When I apply effects through the insert tab, I can hear the difference during playback, but can not see any change to the waveform audio in the project window, and when I run statistics, there is no difference, even when I apply crazy changes.

I’ve searched the forum, and the web, the manual, I know there is something easy I am missing…

Please help this newb :slight_smile:


The insert effects is applied in real time and it doesn’t get write into your audio files. So, the waveform doesn’t change because it still remains the same.
You have to learn and understand the audio chain.

I desperately want to "learn and understand the audio chain, " but frankly, the cubase manual, and all the information I have found, sucks. Are you saying I need to write automation? I thought that was when I wanted to manipulate the waveform as it was playing…Is there some place to go and learn the basics, because so far it seems like unless you know someone to teach you, you’re screwed. I have looked up the basics of mastering, tried to read all I can, but either it’s too basic, and doesn’t cover what I need, or it’s talking to people who already know the basics, and I get lost. If you could turn me on to a site that would teach me, I would be very thankful!

This is the difference between destructive and non-destructive editing. You’ll always be able to hear the changes, but the waveform doesn’t change until you’ve bounced / rendered in place.

There are tons of free tutorial videos on YouTube for Cubase, or paid subscription type sites like and others where you can watch tutorials online.

I would encourage you to read through the manual with your program open in front of you so you can try it out in realtime while you’re on a topic.

Best of luck!