"Apply" automation vs copying

I’d like to copy my automation from my sends to another track. Is there a way to “apply” this automation to another track? What I’m trying to avoid is opening up two automation lanes, finding the correct parameter (in this case, send level 1, send level 2) and copy/pasting from the original track.

IOW, I’d like to apply the automation from my lead vox track to my BV track. I’ve been using the work around of copy/pasting the wave file with “automation follows audio” enabled and this does it, then I have to delete the wave I just dragged on top of the BV. But is there a better way of doing this?

You can use the range tool. You have to have the same # and type of automation lanes. The usual alt for copy and ctrl for locking the position apply. I hope this helps.


Yes, but I don’t want to spend the time to bring up the correct type of automation lanes. Is there a quicker way?

How about assigning a Key Command to “Show All Send Automation”?

That’s a pretty good one Steve. But it only shows “enable” and “level” for one send at a time. In this case, my work around is still faster. For example, if I had all 8 sends working, it would be quicker to copy/paste the audio file to the new track, the automation follows, and then delete the audio file (automation stays). Or am I missing something.

Wouldn’t it be easier/faster to just DUPLICATE the track with the automation and then swap out the new audio file you wanted on that track and re-name it, or is that what you meant by copy & paste? I got confused with the “automation follows” comment.

Thanks for the input. This might work except that I don’t need automation on the entire track duplicated, just a section.

Regarding “the automation follows”: “Automation Follows Events” is a preference in under Editing where, if you move an audio part that has automation associated with it to a new track, the automation will also be copied to the new track.

For static settings just use copy/paste in the mixer or in the channel edit settings window.

For dynamic automation just make a copy of the section/sound file to a new track with identical plugins/sends (make sure automation follows event is active), turn off automation follows event (put it on a keycommand it’s useful) and replace the old sound with the new.
It’s way harder and longer to write then to actually do it.

OK, this will work well/fast. Not a dedicated “copy automation” but well enough. Thanks all.