Apply changes to multiple parts


I use Dorico mainly for arrangements and compositions for small(ish) jazz ensembles. I often need leadsheets/parts in multiple keys, depending on the instrumentation of a specific gig/rehearsal. If I just save one part and transpose it before exporting, I have to change things like enharmonic spelling for each key each time. If I save multiple parts and change one (layout, notes, chords…), I have to do those changes manually for each part. Is there any way to have one ‘parent’-part and multiple ‘children’ that all changes in the parent get automatically applied to?

I’m still on Dorico 3.5, if that matters. I would upgrade immediately, if this functionality exists in 4.0.

Hi! Not parent/child relationships, but Dorico 4 can “duplicate layout”, so you can set one part how you like it, then duplicate and only change the things you need to change

If you respell notes in the score, by default that affects the part as well. If you respell in the part, by default that only affects the part.

In Dorico 4, more options for propagating note spelling were introduced.

If you want to have multiple transposing versions of the same part (i.e. the same musical content but in C, Bb, Eb, and F) you can create multiple layouts, assign the relevant player to all of them, and override the transposition.


Thank you. Overriding the transposition was exactly what I needed.