Apply Double/Halve Note Values also to Time Signatures

Hi everybody,

I’m currently orchestrating a piece for a client who has notated everything in an eighth note pulse and for readability reasons, I’d like to notate it in quarter note pulse instead. I know how to double note vaues globally. However this piece has a lot of time signature changes. So the problem is that I can double the note values but Dorico still tries to squeeze them into the same bar grid as the original piece. Is there a way to also double the time signatures globally in length, e.g. a 3/8 bar becomes a 3/4 bar (in the same way as the Sibelius Double note Values Plugin works)?

Any help is appreciated!


There is no such thing as an automatic time signature changer. My guess is that you should be able to delete all time signatures, double the rhythmic values of everything, and then input the accurate time signatures.

Thanks Marc, yes that was my backup plan. Wanted to make sure whether there was an easier way before doing that though so thanks for your help!


Well, I think this will not work, because the Write > Edit Duration > Double/Halve-Note-Duration-command is only affecting the notes and not the rests! So You can’t get the wanted results. I experimented with that feature but right now I can’t use it (except for short passages).
Is there another way to do this task properly, like the old Sibelius-plugin did (that’s one of the reasons, I still have to pay them).
A good advice will be really welcome because, this is one of the things that would be really handy. Doubling or Halving a staff or selected staves or whole flows, without losing the rest length and let’s dream on: without losing the positions of text, dynamics, lyrics, … (Well, ok I go back to Sibelius)

I note that one can turn explicit rests into implicit rests. Is there a way to reverse that process and turn implicit rests explicit long enough to double or half the duration before returning the explicit rests to implicit? That might help solve the OP’s challenge.

It affects what you select. If you select the rests it will double/halve them as well.

It doesn’t work on bar rests, because bar rests aren’t real. I’m trying to think of a way or making them explicit short of actually typing a load of explicit rests. J_Woodtil’s point is valid…

Hmm… it works on bar rests for me.

Depending on how many time signature changes you have, it may be easier to work backwards from the end backwards.

  • Switch insert mode on.
  • Select from the last time signature change to the end of the score.
  • Double the note values
  • Edit the time signature.
  • Go back to the previous time signature change and repeat.

Of course if you have time signature changes for every bar, this will still be tedious to do.

Thanks for all your input, guys. I can tell you it has been a bumpy ride getting this cue into shape. One thing I hadn’t considered was that of course dynamics don’t scale with that function. So while the composer had put in a lot of dynamics himself already, I needed to redo them more or less entirely.
I can confirm however that it takes bar rests into consideration when doubling values.

On my way through the piece I also discovered the bug (?) that doubling triplets results in funky groups of in case of 16ths triplets a dotted eighth triplet plus 2 regular eights effectively making them all into values of straight eighths.

Hoping that when I have the next encounter of such a piece things will be a bit more streamlined in Dorico.