Apply fades to Regions?


Is there any way to apply ades to regions? (not via process>crossfades)

For example, I have many audio regions I have manually done the fades to via the region fade handles. Is there a way to just batch apply those crossfade without re recording?



You might be able to group them, then apply the fade?

I think the ability to do that may be affected by what area of Cubase you’re working in at the time…

Let me know if that helps.



If I am understanding u correctly. Select all the regions, then ‘bounce selection’. It will render new regions withe fades commited

I don’t know that you’d have to bounce them, try just grouping and applying the fade to one and see if the others follow.

But now that you mention it, I suppose you could “Create events from regions” and then work with the fades once you have everything made into events. I know for sure you can group and fade multiple events.

I’ll keep thinking about it and see what else I can come up with. I wonder if you could use the Logical Editor to put together an automated workflow? If this is something you do often, it might be worth working on.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

When I said apply, I am meaning render into the wave; also grouping or selecting all regions then making fades would make each region have the same fade, that is not what I was after. I wanted to render the fades into the waves that I have already made. Thanks for the suggestions though.

This was it! Thanks a lot mate. Bounce selection and then replace events.

New issue.

When I commit the fades to all selected regions, it creates one big region that needs to be cut up again. Is there anyway to not have this happen and not combine all selected regions (in one application)? It would be a pain to do this individually to all audio regions.


Anyone out there know?

I really cant be the only one trying to do this, can I? :confused:

Question in short.

Bounce multiple selection and replace events, but I do not want to create one big event (audio: region, part, byte, chunk, etc) rather just have each event bounced the reimported individually.

Hi jbw,

you’re probably not the only one trying to do this, but to be honest with you I’m still not really understanding what you’re trying to accomplish. I mean, I follow the sequence of events you’ve described, but I don’t see where you’re going with it or what problem you’re trying to solve.

Perhaps if I understood that more clearly I could help you come up with a solution?

Can you walk me through a specific example maybe?

Hey Walter,

Sure, I know what you mean, even reading back the posts I get confused and it is my issue. So I will give it my best.

Here is the dilemma:

Working on large multisampling projects. Have MANY (50-250) individual audio regions per project file. Each regions has a unique fade in/out. I want to batch ‘apply’ or ‘commit’ those fades [in]to the audio regions. And keep the regions in the project the same, but just with those fades “embedded” into the audio region.


“Bounce Selection” while all the regions are selected (then replacing events) creates one long audio region (basically combines all the smaller regions into one file).

“Bounce Selection” individually for each regions takes a *#)% load of time.

Exporting via “Audio Mixdown” takes even longer.

Thats basically it.

Thanks again:)