Apply FX to track / Render in place

Hi all,

Is there a way to apply 1 insert, or all insert plugins to the track? Or render a single track and have the rendered wav inserted as a new track?
I don’t want to freeze the track, because I want to still process it after I’ve applied the plugin.

I use Melodyne and once I’ve manually adjusted the pitch for a track, I like to render it so I have “clean” wav file to work from to then apply EQ, comp etc. Leaving the Melodyne plugin in can cause problems in terms of resources and if it crashes, sometimes it forgets all of your changes and you have to rescan the audio and do through and manually adjust each note again.

I just got a UR44 yesterday, so trying to find my way around Cubase AI8. I usually use REAPER, but like the way that the UR44 integrates with Cubase, so I’m going to do a whole project in it to see how it goes. Most of the things I’ve worked out, and understand I’ll need to upgrade to be able to do comping, but everything else seems quite good workflow wise.


You can export and import the track. Therefore you have to switch on “solo”, set the locators and use “export - audio mixdown” from the file menu. In the audio mixdown menu you have to activate pool and audio-track, so cubase will directly import the new audio file on a new audio track (at the bottom of your arranger window).
In C8 pro and C8 artist, you’ll have the new render in place function, which makes this process more comfortable.

Thanks. That works OK.
If I just want to render 1 plugin, I can disable all others, solo and do the export, then copy the rendered wav to the original track and delete the plugin that was was rendered.