Apply layout changes to multiple parts

I hope I’m missing some settings somewhere. I’m trying to accomplish a couple of things:

1 - system break before a coda
2 - show chord symbols in only a solo section

I can make both of these happen in the score, or in one part at a time. Re-doing it in every part is tedious. Is there a way to do this once (eg in the score), and apply to all parts?

Dear blenotemkvi,

About your first question, I do not think so! But this is an area that has been discussed a lot in these last two months, and we know Dorico’s team will provide a clever solution in due time :wink:

It would be nice if “starting a flow on a new page” could be flow-specific rather than applying to an entire document/layout. Perhaps that is already under consideration and I have forgotten the announcement.

We do of course plan to make it easier to create a gap before a coda, but for the time being it can be done using multiple music frames. It is also easier if the coda passage is in a separate flow, as then it’s easy to add a layout-specific music frame to an individual page, on which you have simply resized the existing master page-derived music frame to make room for the coda at the end of the page. You can then tell the layout-specific music frame to include the music only from your coda flow.

To show chord symbols only for a solo section, select the other chord symbols and hide them via the Properties panel.