apply note heads for playing techniques - pitched instr.

is it possible to apply different playing techniques to note-heads using pitched instruments?
I.e. I often use a special note-head for slap-tongue and tongue-ram (wind instr.)


I don’t understand your question. Are you talking about notation (yes you can have multiple playing techniques, such as downbow sul ponticello harmonic…) or playback ? If it’s the latter, you probably will have to deal with the playback expression maps (which I’m not really familiar with), according to the VSTi you own and the different samples available. Of course, if slap tongue + tongue ram is not among the available samples, I’m afraid Dorico cannot create them for you…

Marc is correct that noteheads themselves have no intrinsic effect on playback: you can create a playing technique that triggers the appropriate playback playing technique, and hide it via the Properties panel.

Thanks Daniel,
that will do the job