Apply offline fx multiple times?


is that possible to apply an offline fx plug-in multiple times quickly for an audio file for sound design purposes, without loading it again and again and again and again from the Audio > Plug-ins… menu ?

Something like ‘Repeat last’ step or any workaround?



You can assign dedicated KeyCommand to every single Process, or Process Plug-In. Then you can just hit the KeyCommand, and then Enter to confirm the last settings and process.


thanks for the reply. I tried it instantly with a macro, by adding the same type of processing plug-in several times to the macro.

Then whenever I selected an audio part or a range and manually wanted to apply this macro, I could not: it was greyed out. Does it mean that can I only apply the plug-in one-by-one, consecutively?

Well, intrigued, I just created a macro which did 4 x CamelCrusher offline plugin processes in a row and when run it popped up the plugin 4 times and I pressed Process each time. It wasn’t greyed out, and worked on audio events, audio parts, and ranges of either of those two too. Works for me in Cb 8.5 Pro latest…