Apply offline processing to a sub-region of a region?


I have created small regions on the downbeat of a bigger audio region by going to the menu selections Audio > Advanced > Event or Range as region.

How can I apply some processing to the newly created regions only (not the entire audio region)?

I think I saw it in a Greg Ondo video, but can’t get it to apply to only those newly created regions.

many thanks !

you should bounce first the regions you want to apply, otherwise it will be applied to all the sliced audio

select the region you want, or click on the wished audio part, then cmd/right click of your mouse/audio/bounce selection <if you will make this a lot, I recommend you to set a shortcut for this task…

after that you can apply the direct offline processing


use “range tool” make a selection of in the region of a region you want to process click F7 and apply what you want < I think this is what you mean