Apply playback template -- order of instruments

When I use the Play → Playback Template function to rebuild the VST assignments, it seems to insert voices into the 16 Halion slots in the order that the instruments were added to the projects, not in the score order and not in the layout order. This isn’t a huge deal, but it would be nice if there was a way to get the templates assigned in the same order as they appear in the left pane of the Setup window. That way the Mixer window would be consistent with everything else.

I realize I can change all of those assignments manually to force my preferred sequence, but that’s a lot of work. Does anybody know a way to get the default sequence to match the setup order?

I should mention this arose when I had a big band arrangement originally written for 4 saxes, 3 trumpets, and 3 bones, I needed to add a sax, a trumpet and a bone. Those three instruments appear at the right of the Mixer window. I’d rather have them in their sections.

Is this “feature” Halion specific?

I’m currently working on a humungous score using NotePerformer (about 70 playback channels on 5 instances of NP) and Play - Playback Template did reset everything to the score order after the last time I added another bunch of instruments in Dorico.

Hmmm. I don’t know.

This particular score was imported from Finale XML, so maybe that is a factor.

I created a completely fresh score using the “Jazz quartet” ensemble.

I added alto horn, bass trombone and bass clarinet, then moved them into more-or-less score order in the setup panel (see setup.png)

In PLAY mode, I did PlaybackTemplate → HSSE+HOS (Pro). That yielded the “after template.png” that assigned instruments in the same order they were added to the project. And the Mixer.png file shows the same thing.

I was hoping to get the mixer in score order without having to assign all the instruments manually.

after template.png

This isn’t currently possible, without doing it manually, but it certainly makes sense. I’ll make a note of this for a future version.

Aahhh - sorry, what I did that apparently “worked” wasn’t the same thing you were talking about.

I was changing the instruments held by existing players, not adding new players.

When I changed the instruments, NotePerformer created new playback channels at the end of the list in its own mixer, but resetting the template put those channels into the original slots.

Yes, it will currently just work through the instruments in the order they were created rather than in score order.