apply tuplets to written notes


I’m not able to find a way to apply tuplets to already written notes…

Thanks for any help!



You can’t do that (yet) I’m afraid. Enter the tuplets first, then the notes inside.

How does one enter the tuplets?? I press the semicolon key, and the text box appears, but honestly i’m not sure at all what to type? how does one enter a septuplet, or a sextuplet? or a quarter note triplet? etc etc etc…

Choose the unit of the tuplet first, so e.g. choose quarter from the notes panel by typing 6. Then type ; to show the tuplet popover and type the ratio you want, e.g. 5:4, then hit Return. Type : if you don’t want to create any more tuplets of the same kind automatically after this one, or just input the notes into the tuplet that Dorico has created, and off you go.

So just to understand for sure here: if you import a MusicXML file (for example) and need to correct some notes, if there are notes that should be tuplets but aren’t, do you just need to re-write the entire measure?

You don’t need to rewrite the entire bar, because you can use Insert mode to shuffle the rest of the music around as needed, but you will unfortunately need to rewrite specifically the notes that should be part of the tuplet.

I know that the following functionality has eluded competitors, but I must ask:

Are there actual plans for Dorico to be able to apply a “metric modulation,” i.e. convert a passage in a triple meter into triplets, and vice versa (or quintuplets into 5/8 or multiples thereof, etc.)?

The above is perhaps less esoteric to general (composer) users than it might seem, since it is an extension of the meter-less premise of Dorico note input. I can imagine how it might necessitate a subcategory of the Insert function in order to be feasible.

Yes, we definitely want to be able to handle these kinds of transformations into and out of tuplets.

I’m still struggling with entering tuplets myself, as the XML import messed up quite a few of them. So just for clarity: in this example, I want a triplet on each of the first two quarter notes of this 6/8 bar.
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 22.07.48.png
As I understand it, there are 2 functions having to do with tuplets: the triplet icon on the left toolbox, and the popover function called up with semicolon, where you can enter the ratio, 3:2 and so on. Which function or which combination thereof must I activate to enter a simple 8th note triplet over a quarter note? I imagine the solution is easy, but every combination or single function I’ve tried so far has created something messy that I don’t want.
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 22.07.48.png

You mean an 8th note triplet over a dotted quarter note, don’t you?
You need to select the tuplet’s base value first. In your case: Activate the caret, press 5 to select an 8th note as duration, then click the triplet button or invoke the tuplet pop-over and type 3:2. The triplet is created. Now switch to a (dotted?) quarter note as duration and enter the note.

That’s what I needed to know. Thanks a lot, people are very helpful here.