Apply Variaudio to an equalized audio event

Dear all,

I have an audio event in Cubase 10.5 pro at which I applied some EQ.
I would like to use Variaudio on this EQ-ed audio event (and not the original one) but I dont’ know how to do it.
As a workaround, it would be also nice to know how to copy an audio with “impressed” EQ modification to another lane.
I hope my question is clear.

Thanks in advance.

So, you have an original audio event…that you copied?..then added EQ…and now you want to add variaudio to the new, EQ’d audio? Is that correct?
If it is correct, then what I think you want to do is make a new audio file with the EQ preserved within it via “Render in Place”. This will create a new audio file with the EQ (or any other thing you wish to include) ‘baked into it’. You can do this as many times as you need to. As a matter of fact, you ‘should’ do this with all your modified tracks at some stage of your project.

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Hi Jacknight,

You made an interesting point that I was never aware of. Question for you…

I record my MIDI tracks and then render them to audio for processing. You’re saying that after a MIDI track is rendered to audio and the audio track has been processed with inserts, EQ , sends, compression…etc…you should re-render the edited audio track so that all those things are locked into the track? I’ve never done that. All I’ve ever done is apply effects, and then Export the final audio tracks in stereo.

So, I should be re-rendering the newly processed audio tracks, correct? What is the advantage? Thanks!

Thanks JACKnight, this is exactly what I was looking for!
I didn’t know about render in place function, I only knew about the freeze button, but it is not possible to use Variaudio with a frozen event.