Applying 8vb to Downstem Voice

For some reason I cannot apply an 8vb to the final downstem note. Neither ALT while clicking the 8vb in the right column nor entering SHIFT + C and typing 8vb follwoed by ALT = RETURN causes any change.

Can anyone help me see what I am missing?

Try showing the caret in the desired voice, and then confirm the popover with Alt+Return.


I checked the voice using U to split the dotted half just to confirm the voice, but for some reason the process is not working for me eitehr on the sample file I sent or the original. 8vb, as shown in the tooltip, is the popover code; am I correct?
Dorico (940.7 KB)

I just tried with the same file that helped on another thread about 8va… It works exactly as Daniel described…
exemple de ligne d’octave locale.dorico (1,0 Mo)

I figured out what I had done wrong: as with a crescendo when starting it from a popover on a single note, one has to press SPACE to extend it. Once I did that, Daniel’s suggestion proved the correct one. (No surprise!)

Thank you, @dspreadbury

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