Applying a Track Controls preset causes menu to revert to "No Preset"

When in the “Track Controls Settings…” window, if you select a preset and click “Apply” the menu reverts to “No Preset”. Closing and reopening the window causes the menu to now display the correct preset. Settings are correctly are always correctly applied it’s just the menu is incorrect.

So to write it out:

  1. Open “Track Controls Settings…”
  2. Select a Preset (either a factory or a custom one)
  3. Click Apply (causing the menu to revert to “No Preset” though the track controls do change correctly
  4. Close the window by hitting Ok
  5. Reopen “Track Controls Settings…”
  6. Menu correctly shows the previous selection


Sorry, I can’t reproduce this on my side.

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version?

Are you talking about Cubase 13 or 12?

Mac Cubase 13 - sorry thought it was in the signature.

Ventura OS 13.5


I read your post again, and now I can reproduce it.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.