Applying articulations


if I shift click two notes with some notes between them, and then apply bartok pizz, allt the selected notes will get the marking.

If I ctrl click two notes with some notes between them, and then apply bartok pizz, the selected notes AND all the notes between them will get the marking.

This seems a bit counter intuitive to me. I would expect only the selected notes to get the marking in the second case.

Do you get the same results?


When you have multiple notes selected and you create a playing technique, a single playing technique with the duration of the selection is created, rather than n individual playing techniques. You probably want to select a single note, create the playing technique, then copy it to the other notes individually using Alt+click.

OK, I understand. So in this case, shift clicking and ctrl clicking does the same thing. It is great to be able to assign articulations to several notes at the same time, but I feel that this selecting behaviour is a bit inconsistent.
If I do the same with articulations, only the notes that I ctrl-clicked will get the articulation. With dynamics, only the first note will get the marking, no matter if I ctrl-clicked two notes or shift-clicked to select several.

I get the point that there is something under the hood with how you classify those different markings (playing techniques, articulations, dynamics and so on) but in my human pencil and paper way of writing, they are all very similar and I would like to be able to work with them in the same way. While I am at it, alt+click to copy a “forte” to all instruments af a 20-stave score is not really a good alternative to selecting the full column and clicking “forte”.