Applying chords to a channel for playback

I have been looking for threads on this topic and found that I need to apply chord playback to a channel. In 3.5 I only had to click on the chord speaker. In 4.0 that is not working for me and so far I am at a loss. I added a piano to the VST to use for chord playback, if that is actually necessary.

The process should be as follows:

  1. In Play mode, go to the VST Instruments tab in the left zone.
  2. Add a new entry to the rack by clicking the + button in the action bar.
  3. Open the interface for the newly added VST instrument and load the required sound into the first channel.
  4. Select the Chords track in the track overview.
  5. Click the speaker icon to make sure it’s blue and activated.
  6. Switch to the Track Inspector tab in the left zone.
  7. Under the Routing heading, choose the appropriate instrument that you added in step 2.

That should be it.

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Thanks. Does it necessarily have to be in the first channel? I am already using channels 1-6.

No, if you want to use another channel in a VST instrument you’re already using, of course you can do that.

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I 'm beating myself up looking for the “chord track”. Could you provide a visual at that step?

It’s at the top of the play window, just below the tempo track

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Hmmm. Thank you for verifying what I thought was right after it was displayed in an earlier response in this thread. That’s what I have been trying to dedicate to a channel where I have uploaded a piano patch. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I’ll keep at it.

In Play. Select the Chord Track. Then the Track Inspector tab. Then select the VST you want to play your chords (and the channel number if needed)

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For your info:

^ that last link has further topics nested below it that are relevant for chord symbol playback.

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Thank you all! I got it now with a little help with the step I was not getting right from my local friend who encouraged me to acquire Dorico for my projects. All of you were spot on with your direction. I just wasn’t processing one of the steps provided by Daniel and needed a little help with that to make my breakthrough. So until the next time, and I can assure there will be one, thank you again for all you do to help the Dorico family.

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