Applying Dynamic controls across an entire project with 1 pr


I know that selecting an audio or midi event using “control D” will copy that event into the next bar, but at an an insert at a time level. However I’ve seen demonstrated a way to select an open project and apply this event across the entire project.

I just don’t remember and can’t find the info on how this is done.

I want to employ this for applying Breath Control & Mod Wheel levels of a consistent and unbroken 75 into every bar while creating templates or revisiting older projects.

Can anyone give me a heads up as to how and/or as to where in the manual this technique is found?
Thank you.


You can use Ctrl+K. Then you will type the count of duplicates.

Btw: The event is not copied to the next bar, but exactly after the end of currently selected event.

Thank you Martin. I’ll try it in the morning.