Applying effects to only a specific area

First thanks for help I got in the past.

This might be easy … or maybe hard. Don’t know enough to know anything yet. I’m getting to know what effects I can apply to sound in Cubase 4. I’d like to know if I can apply an effect / modification to just a specific portion of the music I’m working on. I’ve experimented quite a bit, but have only been able to apply effects to the whole piece … not a portion. This is ok in most instances … but I’d like to automate some things to only occur between a start point and an endpoint.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Two methods spring to mind…

  1. Move the section in question to its own track (and put the plugin just on that track).
  2. Automate the Bypass switch for the plugin.


#1 Works Great!! Thanks so much for your time!!