Applying fade in/out in actual audio files?


I’m Han , Chief sound engineer of Red House Studio in South Korea.

I have a question during the editing. Anyone knows how to apply fade in/out in actual audio files?
Here are details.
I have around 2000 wav files of game voices and I want to do fade in/out 10ms with keeping original file names.
This is kind of A/S of previous work.

This is what I’ve tried

  1. Simply when I fade in/out at region, it’s not processing so that fade in/out doesn’t effect to audio file.
    I know it can be worked after fade in/out and make makers and channel batch export it with “export cycle makers” but I want keep location original wav files(it’s already organized in plenty of folder structure) and it’s too much time consuming work for this kind of simple task.

  2. Select all regions and fade in/out in process menu then I can change original wav files by “freeze edit” but problem is I can’t set exact time code of fade in/out. I just can do it my mouse and it’s not accurate ans even that point is not absolute time code (the fade in/out point what I clicked by mouse in fade in/our window) so fade in/out point will be different by each audio length.

Anyone knows how to apply fade in/out in actual audio files? or solution?