Applying FADE tab to multiple clips: how ?

Just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to apply a Fade In & Out to multiple clips in one go … but couldn’t make it happen.

All clips are selected as shown by the ‘Audio Range Indicator’ but Fade only ever applies to whichever clip was selected first (I think).

On Mac, if you hold option while drawing the fade, all the selected clips will follow. I’m not sure what the Windows equivilant is but surely it can be done.

Hmm … OK, well if I hold down ALT on Windows, it does as you say (so thanks for that).

But I don’t actually want to draw: I just want to apply a FADE preset, or hit ‘Apply Fade Time’. That doesn’t work on multiple files for me.

The option you are looking for, is missing. Will need to happen someday!

Yes, this feature is badly needed. It would be great to see it for the next big update.