Applying Frank's MIDI Plugins In Cubase 9


I’m totally new to Cubase although experienced with other DAWS and notation programs.

I’m using Cubase 9 and my question is how to apply one of Frank’s MIDI plugins (Humanize) to a MIDI track? I have installed the plugins and added the ‘Presets’ to The Cubase ‘Components’ as explained on the webpage for these plugins.

I have added the ‘Humanize’ plugin to the ‘MIDI Inserts’ for the track, the plugin opens and I’ve made my selection. Now, all I need to do is to apply this to the MIDI track. In the ‘other’ DAW all I had to do was select ‘Process’ then tick ‘Ok’ and the MIDI track was humanized to my settings. I’ve tried searching for a similar action in Cubase without success.

I’d be really grateful if someone could help with this.


So with the plugin inserted, as I’m sure you realise, the fx is already applied in realtime.
I’m not 100% sure but does freeze midi modifiers apply it permanently??

EDIT…If not then merge midi in loop seems to be the way to do it.

Hello Grim,

Thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated.

Unfortunately neither ‘freeze midi modifiers’ nor ‘merge midi in loop’ worked.

I did double check all the plugin settings and the track was selected. There has to be a way of doing this as Cubase is listed on Frank’s MIDI Plugins website with instruction on how to install.

I wish Frank had given more info on applying it!

Best wishes.

Are you sure you’re doing merge in loop correctly…tbh I haven’t tried it but the manual says:

Applies MIDI modifiers and effects, and generates a new MIDI part, containing all the events as you would hear them during playback.