Applying fx to audio does nothing

Hi all,

apologies if this is a common problem already covered, I did try to search for related topics but found nothing.

The problem I’m having is this… say I want to apply a limiter or whatever to an audio file, rather than have the limiter running live (eg to save processor). Some plugins simply do nothing… namely my UAD ones. Works fine running live, I can of course bounce said parts to audio wtih the effect running on it. This is time consuming though… so basically is this a problem with the UAD plugins or with cubase? Were it not for the fact I’ve had this problem with ‘standard’ vst plugins before I’d aim the blame squarely at UAD!

Aloha H,

What do the folks over at UAD have to say about this?

How exactly are you trying to apply the effect to the audio? Using what method?

whats your buffer size as some uad plugin’s will only work at the recommend buffer of 1024 samples , I have this issue with the uad precision desser it only works on 1024

Never had any problems with UAD @ lower latency settings! Could imagine for dsp hog (MassivePassive etc) but not at all for such a small thing like Precision De-Esser :question:

it’s not the size of the plugin that matters it’s the sample size that is recommended by uad for the de-Esser ,if you use it on a different size buffer it gives you a warning to optimize you buffer size as it might not work properly , this is swapping from 256 to 96 and the image is just to show you that it is possible that some plugin’s will not work but if you do not have the notifications active you will not realise this

The only plugin that gave me such a message was melodyne editor. Well, usually I work with 1024 anyway, so I wasn’t aware of that fact. Learned something new though using UAD for 10 years or so… :open_mouth:

Cheers for the responses people. That’s an interesting idea re buffer size, often my projects get so big they are smashing my processor, so end up working at the highest buffer rate my soundcard will allow. I will try at a lower buffer rate!

Re the method I’m using, apologies for not being more explanatory… what I meant is, you can either run a vst live (ie one of the 8 slots on every channel), or you can apply it as a Process effect via the right-click menu (or the dropdown at the top of course). When I apply things as Process, it does nothing. The effect applied is available via Offline process history, it just does nothing.

Starting to get worried I’ve been placebo-ing myself for a while as noticing it more and more with a variety of vst fx so I’m now convinced it’s not a UAD issue.

EDIT yeah, so it’s not the buffer size. Wishing I’d done a google search on this rather than use the forum search as it’s finding posts on the same issue. Going to try trashing the preferences and see if that fixes it, will report back once I’ve done so.


I’ll have to wait until such time as the problem rears its ugly head again (hopefully never) to tunnel down to exactly what was causing it… but I found the brutal method of trashing the cubase 6 folder in roaming>steinberg has solved the problem.

Learn from my fail though, remember to backup everything first haha. Lost my template and presets (although after suffering the pain of having to re-input the multitude of key commands I use everyday I remembered to backup the main preferences and key commands).

This is really going to bug me though, wondering what went wrong. At least I know the fix now! Thanks again for all your suggestions.