Applying Melodyne Extension at Track Level Opens Blank Editor in C12 Pro

Here’s the repo:

  1. Drag an audio clip onto an audio track (I used Tech_House_Bass_Loop_01_125bpm_F_BODTH")
  2. Add Melodyne extension (via Inspector) to audio track
  3. Double-click audio clip

Melodyne opens empty (both fullscreen and in the Lower Zone).

I’m running C12 Pro on Win 10 Pro (20H2).

Similar thing happens with me. It opens Melodyne and everything works fine but it doesn’t capture any audio.

Since posting I discovered a workaround: click on the “Add Event” button in the top left corner.

Just tried that and it kinda worked but when I made the change permanent it didn’t actually make it permanent. It’s still buggy. In the meantime I’ll just keep applying it to each event individually.

Yep, i posted a similar post yesterday and tweeted at Celemony too. I have to contact support of course…
And yeah, it seems not to update the window when you first open up in the lower editor. If you click on another event in the arrangement window and then back to the audio event with Melodyne on, this also then forces the lower display to update.