Applying outboard gear

Hello kind folks,

New to the world of outboard gear and trying to figure out the best way to apply these effects.

I have a single-channel EQ and a compressor that I have set up as external effects. I assume you set the send configuration to mono with a single-channel device?

I want to use these on multiple tracks, and I see that ‘bouncing’ does not incorporate inserts. What is the best way to immediately apply these without exporting the entire file? - or is that the only way? I see that a ‘real-time’ export seems necessary with external gear, but I am often mixing lengthy spoken word lectures and I’d hope there is a quicker way to apply them to individual tracks? Or do I just have to make sure I have it exactly dialed in the way I want before waiting for an hour+ export?

This video is relevant, but I can’t make out the export settings he has that allows the file to be immediately imported as the new modified track. Either way, he is doing real-time export, which would not be at all efficient for the work I’m doing.

Would a better option be to use them as Group/FX channels so that I can apply to multiple tracks at once, to varying degrees (at least with compression, as the EQ would be more specific)?

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


In any case, you have to use a Real-time export. There is no way around, hardware devices can’t just “print” it.

In the Audio Mixdown window, you can enable to import currently exported track back to the Project, which could help you.

On the left side of the Audio Mixdown window, you can use the Batch Export, which coul also help you.

Regarding to the routing, it depends, how do you want to apply your effects. If you want to apply them for the whole mix, you can use the Groups or Sends. But if you want to apply them individually, you have to export tracks one-by-one (using the Batch Export).