Applying plug-ins to audio??

I’m a proud owner (more or less :slight_smile: of Cubase Artist 6.
Here goes a silly question - how can I apply a plugin to a selected piece of audio track? (permanently, not on track insert)
In Cubase 5, you just shift+right click on selected audio, choose “plugins” from the drop-down menu, and pick a plugin.
However, there is no “plugins” menu item in Cubase 6 Artist, so I’m a bit confused :unamused:

That´s because it´s a Cubase only feature.

Ok, I’ll try not to overreact here…
Are you sure??? That means I just trew away 300 euros buying the m********er! That’s a feature ANY freeware audio/production prog has!
Official confirmation from admins/Steinberg, please…??

I have Cubase 6 so not sure about your version. Don’t you have Audio/Plugins option (On top;: File, Edit, Project, Audio…)

Unfortunately, if you look in the Cubase 6 / Cubase 6 Artist Operation Manual under Audio Processing and Functions --> Applying Plug-Ins (Page 253) you’ll see that it’s a Cubase only feature.

A nemam, moj Zeljko :slight_smile:
There is no Plugins in Audio menu. That’s ridiculous! How can I use, for example Autotune (in graphical mode) for just one section of an audio track?

Still waiting for the official confirmation from Admin…
As far as I can see, it doesn’t say anything about this feature (or lack thereof) in the Feature Comparison list that I looked at when I was deciding which version to buy. It is a very important feature (crucial, in my case), which would definitely have stopped me from buying the Artist version, if I knew about it.
If I missed it (if it IS in the Feature Comparison table somewhere), please let me know, anyone…?

Can you not think of another way to get the same result? Even if it isn’t QUITE so convenient?

For the money, I don’t want to have to think about workarounds, at least not for the trivial features such as this one…

Well, obviously you´ll have to…

I must admit that the “Detailed Feature Comparison” page is not totally clear on the subject. It points out a difference regarding “Offline process history” witch could lead you to believe that it’s the “undoability” of the plug-in processing that’s unavailable in CA, not the processing itself.
Or maybe I missed it if it says somewhere else. (Yes in the manual, but I don’t think that you should be forced to comb through a whole manual prior to buying just to find out a difference this big)


Isn’t that exactly what it is, offline processing?

Yup, but the word “history” makes things unclear, one could interpret it to mean that CA allows offline processing with plugs, but not with the advanced functions found under “Audio->Offline Process History” (modify/replace by/remove/disable) we’re used to from big brother C.


That’s exactly my point - if I knew it couldn’t apply plugins to audio, I wouldn’t have bought it, because that is a very important feature for what I do. In that case, I would have either shelled out another 200+ euros for C6, or looked elsewhere…

Wouldn’t using bypassing automation do the trick?

Not in case of e.g. Autotune - I use it in graphical (manual, not auto) mode, so it’s not possible to select a word or sentence that is off key and correct it! I often deal with singers who are, well, less than perfect :slight_smile: (I suspect most of us here do, so you know what I’m talking about), so I really need the feature.
If anyone knows a way around this, please help.

Strange enough, it seems you “downgraded” from Cubase 5 full to Artist 6, instead of an upgrade to Cubase 6 full… Well, you can still shell out another 200+ to get C6. (It makes no more sense to look elsewhere now, true…) Acording to the steinberg website and depending on where you live, it´s:
299 € for Cubase Artist 6 + 249 € for the upgrade from Artist to Cubase full = 548€
Cubase 6 full version = 599 €
Saved 50 €, or what am I missing…?
So why all the drama…? You will find, there are a lot of features that aren´t in the feature comparison list…

The point is, I don’t want to shell out 249 euros (360$!) for this single feature that was supposed to be there in the first place (according to Steinberg’s Feature Comparison).
I decided to purchase the Artist version, because it does all I need (at least I thought so).

So what now…?
I don´t use Autotune, but according to most youtube videos, you can use its graphic mode also without offline processing, and also for a single word or sentence only, but like I’ said, I don´t use it, therefore I´m maybe misunderstanding the problem.

Waiting for monday :slight_smile:
Hopefully I will get a response from Steinberg, they should know more than all of us…