"Applying" tempo track

Let’s say I have a midi file, with a tempo track.
I want to change the midi in a way that when disabling the tempo track, it will be played the same, I.e. apply the tempo changes onto the midi file.(I understand that will mess the metronome sync, but let’s say it’s not important now)

Couldn’t find an answer online, maybe I used the term “applying” incorrectly.

Also - I would like to know how to do the same with audio that is in “Musical” Musical Mode, i.e. affected from the tempo track.



If you want that the MIDI data would follow the Tempo Changes, enable Musical time base on the MIDI track (what is the default setup). If you want that MIDI follows the time (doesn’t follow the tempo changes), disable the Musical time base (so Linear time base is enabled) on the track.

It’s more or less the same for Audio. If you enable the Musical time base, the Audio events start will follow the tempo changes. So if you change the tempo, the Audio event start will stay at the same Bars+Beats position. If you disable Musical time base (Linear time base will be chosen), the Audio event starts would stay at the Time (Timecode) position, even if you change the tempo. If you want that the Audio file itself follows the tempo, enable Musical Mode for this Audio event. If you want that the Audio file keeps it’s own original tempo, disable Musical Mode.

Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately this doesn’t answer my question.
I already have a midi track in musical mode - i.e. playback is affected by the tempo changes, if I disable musical mode, it plays differently. I want a way to apply the changes made by the tempo, in a way that it will play the same when musical mode is disabled.


There is no Musical Mode for MIDI. Do you mean Musical time base of the track, please?

Do I understand you right, you did some Tempo changes already and MIDI was following. But from now, you want to “freeze” the current state and MIDI shouldn’t follow the tempo anymore? What about to Freeze the track (if the data is routed to a Virtual Instrument)? Are you going to change the MIDI data in the future?

I guess yes, sorry if I’m using the terms incorrectly.


The difference is that freezing the track just freezes the audio (sort of like “caching”) I actually do want to change the file late.

What I want is to actually CHANGE the midi file.

Perhaps it will help if I give a real world example:

  1. I recorded a piece without click.
  2. I had a bit of a timing issue, so I used the Wrap Grid (Musical events follow) tool to stretch it a bit to fix. Which changed the tempo data.
  3. Now I want to do tempo detection / tempo matching or something like that. It’s a problem - since there are already tempo marks in the tempo track. But if I remove them the timing issue when playing returns. Thus I want to APPLY the tempo marking onto the midi, and remove the tempo marking.

Hope it is clearer this way.

P.S. I know I can just not do step 2, but instead fix the timing issue by tempo detection the wrongly played piece + flattening the tempo retroactively. But let’s say I don’t want to do that because I find it easier to use the Wrap Grid (Musical events follow) tool.


Do it this way. Export the MIDI Track as MIDI File. import it back to the project, to the new track. Keep the Musical time base of the imported track. Now you can change the tempo and the new track will follow.

Does it work for you?

Nice idea for a workaround.
Unfortunately the MIDI is being exported WITH the tempo track, importing it again doesn’t change a thing.

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