Applying the expression map, techniques combines instead of switching

Ive tried to creat a template for new SSO libary, ive created the expression maps for each instrument by the key switches(Didn’t apply UACC because it got a lot of issues with legato combinated techniques for example playback stop responding when putting slur over tremolo notes even when i indicated the tremolo legato expression map as it was in manual).
I dont know why spitfire has designed their libary like that but the keyswitches is differenet in each instrument. even a solo and a2 of an instrument differ! It took me days to map all keyswitches for all instruments and now i faced an other issue which is making crazy at all…
After adding a new technique, the previous one doesnt end, and in kontakt libary, instead of switching to new technique, they get combined.
Its so strange that when ever and where ever playback starts, after two changes of techniques, it gets allright and the other changes doesnt have combination issue and switch regulary.
For example i wrote a passage with staccato mark. next bar same passage without staccato marks. the libary at first actives the staccato patch then actives the long patches but not switching to long patch! both staccato and long techniques combines together…


It takes a while to absorb and master all that’s involved with expression maps.

You may already know this and have taken it into account, but when you put a slur over a tremolo, you need to have an entry in your expression map that combines two playback techniques. The slur should activate the Legato technique, which I figure you did enter. But you for your situation you would need to enter what called a combined technique, combining Legato and Tenuto. It should show in your map entry as Legato + Tenuto.

That way Dorico knows that in your score you have activated both techniques at the same time with a slur and a tenuto marking. You still need to include in the entry the switches needed to point to the library patch you want. I’m not familiar with SSO.

Hopefully this points you in the right direction. Perhaps others can help you more.


thanks for your reply
as i edited the thread, i had indicated its cc in expression maps as it was in the spitfire global uacc system. i had an issue with switching articulation and techniques within keyswitches i applied in expression map

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This problem has been around for ages. No cure afaik… sometimes adding natural to key off events will work…

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Also consider setting up mutual exclusion groups. This will usually prevent articulations continuing when a different articulation is applied.

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it’s been around in spitfire patches only? because same issue isn’t confronted using other libaries!

Yes, Spitfire/Kontakt …

coming from absolute classical music universe and used to compose and orchestrate music through a pencil and paper and a piano, im not so much familiar with this whole digital composition things. i was so excited to bye new version of SSO but it seems its not dorico freindly at all. too many incoherency in the patches can be mentioned, same techniques for instruments of a single section may not be involved for all of theme, and you always need to attend this strange issue in your scoring, irregular keyswitches, this issue in playback, issue arised from the coorporation of slur among any other techniques and…
it took me days struggling with this libary and actually i got so disgusted at the very first days of trying visual orchestration and extremly tend to back to my comfort Zone of piano and sheets =))

As of version 4.5, NotePerformer handles SSO, both old and new versions, through its NPPE interface…