Applying Variaudio on Audio Events


I ran into a problem. I have an old track in which the audio tracks are 44 100 Hz / 24 bits. I would like the project to be 44800 Hz / 24 bit because the whole system runs at 48 / 24. I used to do pitch correction with Variaudio for days and when I wanted to convert the files, Nuendo warned me that they would fall apart. It did, but luckily I had a backup.

My question would be, is it possible to export the audio events piece by piece by applying Variaudio to them, so that I can then convert them to 48,000 Hz? This is actually interesting because when I work on this track, my sound card switches to 44,100 Hz and I can’t listen to anything else (tutorials, for example).

Another difficulty I have is that the tracks consist of many small pieces that are pieces of the same recording, so when I export audio events, it wants to rename them all. So a command like “Bounce Variaudio to Audio Events” would be best, then conversion to 48,000 :slight_smile: I definitely want to keep the editability.

Is there a good solution for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi peter!

Is there a specific reason why you want to keep the corrected audio as many small events, as opposed to one or a few long events?
Because if there isn’t, you can simply use the “bounce” function and bounce them together to a new audio clip with the corrections printed. Sample rate conversion will be easier to do this way. You can also duplicate the track version prior to bouncing, so you can have quick access to the open edits in case you need to revert or correct something later on.

Or you can also apply “Flatten Realtime Processing” and they will keep as separate events, and won’t be renamed as far as I am aware.

After that, process your SRC as usual.

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