Appoggiatura playback?

I was wondering if one can change the playback for an appoggiatura (on the note)? When you notate a grace note, Dorico plays it back as an Acciaccatura (preceding the note, with or without the slash).

If you are on Pro, check the Playback options (cmd-shift-P).

The options are found on the TIming page of Playback Options, to be precise. Certainly you should find that Dorico plays back unslashed grace notes as appoggiaturas by default. If you have an example to the contrary, please create a simple example that demonstrates the problem and attach it here so we can take a closer look.

Ah, I see. The problem is I was trying to simulate turns/mordents with multiple grace notes, and the “play on the beat” appoggiatura only applies to 1 note. So, I assume, then, there is no way to have grace notes play on the beat, and I have to notate it out?

That’s right, for the time being. You could muck around with them in Play mode if you’re willing to take care of it manually, which might be OK if you don’t have too many to deal with.