appogies to this forums

i recently posted topics requesting help on various problems i was having with my stienberg products …although i like to install n roll i now know u goto read evrey documment that commes with ur product…i could not for the life of me fine out why HSO could not be found the sucker had been incorporated into halion sonic 2…wow how much timme i wasted on that…i dont even remeber what the issue with halion5 was so when i figured it out while waitng for suppoort responce i could kick myself in my own behind… antway thx u guys for being patient with me :smiley:

Glad you’re up and running! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, it’s good of you to apologise, we all get a bit frustrated at the beginning.

Tell me about it…in the beginning and throughout, too. Glad that you found what you were looking for!