approaching a general midi sequence


I need some guidance on how to create/add/change all the messages pertaining to a general midi sequence. This is important as it is for university and I’m in my final semester but don’t use Cubase too often.

Some help would be much appreciated as I have scoured the net and youtube but nothing is showing me the light.

I have sequenced my track in Cubase 7 with a midi keyboard using the Halion SE. I’m well aware of the purpose of GM and the different types of messages and what they do. But I have no idea how to manipulate/set them up.

I’ve been referred to the key and list editor most of the time. I see the messages and the program changes as well as their parameters. As well as the insert pertaining to the midi control etc etc.

How do I add reset messages, sysex messages, program changes to, for example, the beginning of the track?

also, does anyone have any tips on how to make my general midi sequence sound more realistic using the effects etc in the Halion?

Sorry for the essay!
Kind regards