Appropriating Colors

RUNNING WIN 7, Cubase 7.5 & Cubase 8.5


I need to find out how to bring my palette of customized colors created in the Project Colors dialoq forward from the previous version of Cubase to the newer versions as its Program default. The manual lists locations in Preferences to begin with this search that don’t exist in 7.5.

I run large project templates and in doing so in all versions of Cubase back to Cubase 6.5 I have gone into the “Project-Colors Dialoq” Colors program and created large amounts of colors I could work with. Always save these sets with the “Save Current Set as Program Defaults” button.

However with every new edition of Cubase they dissappear.

How can I port these into 7.5, and then soon. 8.5?

Thank you!!



This settings should be ported automatically, but if it isn’t you can do so manually. At the bottom of the Preferences folder, you can store your settings as a preset, and move it to Cubase 8. You can store marked preferences only, if you don’t want to transfer the whole preferences.

Since Cubase 8.5, you are able to transfer the whole settings via Profile Manager.