Approx Release Date for 1.8??

I’m like many others having midi pedal issues. Ready to have this fixed!!! Thanks!

And now after messing around with Cubasis and midi more, it’s even more useless than I thought. The quantize is not working too swiftly. Until this is fixed, I can’t use it. Come on with the updated 1.8!

Hello Drummer42,

The problem with the sustain pedal will be definitely fixed on the next 1.8 update. While we can’t disclose our exact release dates I can assure you that I have seen a working beta version and it looks great! The 1.8 update will be amazing and it will make Cubasis an even more powerful tool. This update will be available in May.
Could you please elaborate more on the quantizing issue?

(EDIT: The update is going to be available in May!)

Thanks for the response! Im very excited about the new update in April and fixing the pedal issue! As far as the quantizing, it just seems no matter what I do it never plays back the way I played it. Even setting the swing at a high percentage it still has notes out of timing. Like I said, maybe this is due to the sustain pedal being messed up? Any suggestions?? Thanks Crohde!

It sounds you have timing issues not quantizing issues.


Excellent answer!!! Lol, but no timing issues here.

I might be missing something here, but if you want it to play back exactly as you played it, maybe you shouldn’t be quantizing at all…

I’ve had the same problem. I even moved the midi over to my desktop DAW Sonar 8.5, it had the same problems as well. Something’s not going down right. My guess is that the sustain pedal is really messing things up. Can’t wait for vet 1.8

Thank you!! Some were making me think I was crazy :laughing: 1.8 coming out this month!!