Apps receiving Cubasis MIDI clock

I was just tinkering with the Cubasis MIDI clock, which seemed to work ok at least on Animoog and Sunrizer.

Is there somewhere a more comprehensive list of music apps which can receive MIDI clock data from Cubasis?

While I am not answering directly, this is similar to questions I’ve seen come up several times recently regarding midi compatibility between Cubasis and other apps.
We presume when our apps state support for IAA, core and virtual midi, and midi clock, they will operate transparently. But in practice, for myself and some others here, certain apps work as they should, and others either don’t or need workarounds (like midibus).

So I am thirding or fourthing the idea to have a topic covering what people use successfully, and what they haven’t been able to make work.

The way I work, I chose a while back to try and not get sucked into tech issues while recording. For me I found nothing would kill the mood faster than menus, so if something don’t work I give up and try something else. And that’s happened to me in Cubasis, with some drum apps, something didn’t work and I moved on to a second choice.
So In my eyes, having a list like this would be a great reference - if “Bill” has a certain app working I’m having problems with, then I’m missing a setting probably, but if he doesn’t, I won’t spend any time on it, and perhaps the rest of you would to? I’m not versed in setting up such things, but I’d certainly be willing to participate…

Anyways, my two cents, forgive the long post