April 27th

April 27th Right? or did I imagine this was the update release day?

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Not before 27 users start with their traditional “tik-tok-tik-tok” posts.



As a moderator of this forum, I find your reply extremely helpful.


surely more than 27 start tik-toking
especially :smiley: some of us started their ( Wednesday ) before others


Do not pass “Go”,
Do not collect Grace period,
Go to Jail.



You’re so cool, I wish I was just like you. Steinberg must be proud to have you “moderating” - An absolute asset :clown_face:

tell us when :smiley:

It was a simple post enquiry that turned nasty.

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Exactly, it is suspiciously quiet…

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Has @TimoWildenhain reached the office yet? :smirk_cat: Why he do this to us! :disappointed:

ok ::

Hi Fredo, this is not really helpful.

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Fredo’s dry sense of humour always makes me laugh!

Looking forward to this release!!!

YouTube videos are here, however, the Nuendo website is probably not updated yet. In other words, I cannot buy version 12 as of right at the moment of posting this comment.

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The Steinberg download assistant is now available for download.

April 27th lasts 24 hours. They didn’t say it will be released at midnight…

We’re in the process of releasing it :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone mentioned midnight in this thread. However, it would be nice to start a workday with it. Either way it seems imminent.

Is there going to be a demo available from day one or only later?
Considering the huge number of issues reported in the Cubase forum for this release, I want to do some real testing before parting with the money…

Hopefully 12 is a separate install from 11 and you can still run version 11 side by side.