'April' - made all in C7.5.2 (video)

Here is a latest recording I made in Scotland, for Calvin Arsenia from America. The track was so simple to make as this artist was a dream to record. It’s just piano, cello guitar and vocal. Hope you enjoy.


The great listening evening on “Made with Steinberg” continues… Lovely track! Thanks for posting.

Wow, beautiful song and production! Great singer! :sunglasses:


Beautifully done, a sparse but perfect mix…less is more on this track for sure!!


Magnificent production, playing and vocals! I have a good friend visiting Leven now, where are
you located?

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Calvin was a dream to work with. If you are interested here is the next song we recorded. Again, very simple less is more. 'Bleu' - Calvin Arsenia (Original) - YouTube

I’m in LA at the moment so please say to your friend from Leven I will be back in Edinburgh on 24 May. And do tell me more about him/her.

Cheers all the best everyone.

From the first second I was mesmerized, the expression in his voice is incredible. Very good balance between the other instruments.

I like the other song as well, Bleu , beautiful voices. He has a bit of an accent, but still, really interesting music that draws the listener in.

Thanks Fox.

Yes, a very compelling listen! Nice work by all :sunglasses: