ARA 2 enhancement for Melodyne chord track to Cubase

From Celemony’s page (see highlighted text - it would be great to be able to transfer the chord track which Melodyne generates from analyzing audio to the Cubase chord track):

The chord track
Melodyne and Cubase each have their own chord tracks – each with its own advantages: The Cubase chord track can control all the MIDI tracks, whilst the Melodyne chord track can control all the audio files – and even polyphonic instruments.

The Cubase chord track can derive its contents from an analysis of previously recorded MIDI tracks but is incapable of analyzing polyphonic audio tracks. With Melodyne, it’s the other way round: Melodyne can recognize the chords in any audio track and generate a lead sheet for it with blinding speed. However Melodyne cannot examine MIDI tracks (unless you have previously converted them to audio signals by bouncing them).

What this means for your workflow is that you will probably want to combine the two chord tracks. Thanks to ARA, this is easily done: You can display the chords from Cubase within Melodyne and in this way quasi-control the Melodyne chord track remotely from Cubase. This gives you full access from the Cubase chord track to both MIDI tracks (directly via Cubase) and audio tracks (from Cubase via the remote-controlled Melodyne).

The return path – which amounts to the remote control or automated filling-in of the Cubase chords by Melodyne, for example when it comes to discovering the chords contained in polyphonic audio recordings – is not yet realized via ARA in the current Cubase/Nuendo versions. You can get there, however, by exporting the lead sheet generated by Melodyne, importing this into Cubase, and using it to fill in the Cubase chord track.

This is very interesting.

Steinberg have got to be already trying to wrap their heads around how to allow this to work (automatically) in Cubase/Nuendo, surely… :slight_smile:

Though sadly, nothing here for me just yet; still on v4 and staying there for the foreseeable…

An alternative workaround is to have Melodyne generate MIDI Notes from the audio and use that to create chords in Cubase. Would be nice to have it just be a click though.

I would be shocked if it was not included in the next major version 11 update. On the surface, it would seem to be a simple data mapping function using the ARA 2 protocol, which introduced chord track support.

But then what do I know.

Also, I’m wondering out loud if the Melodyne integration is a demotivator for Steinberg to enhance Variaudio to support polyphonic audio.

I’m thinking this is what happens too. Especially since Chords => Melodyne wasn’t functioning on the initial C11 release. But it’s there now.