ARA 2 Melodyne studio 4 fader signal display missing?

I have noticed when using the Melodyne extension that the fader signal dsplay disappears form the mixer and project window although the fader still works and inserts works? Anyone else with this issue? Haven’t tried to render the track yet.


What do you mean by “fader signal display”, please? Could you make a screenshot, please?

I’ve had this happen a couple of times. It seems that when adding the extension, the meter position will sometimes changes to .

Martin , I’ll get a screenshot later. When the track is rendered everything is fine. Its the acutal volume level display of the track that is missing. The fader reduces and increases the volume but the level display is missing.

I get this too. As ScherzoProd says, change the meter setting from input back to post fader.

Yes that was the problem ! Solved now thanks !