ARA 2 - Performance - Experience

how far would you let live ara2 files in a multitrack project during the editing (audio and MIDI) process in larger scoring projects.
Or: Is it affecting the overall performance doing extended spectral cleaning?

More specific:
How much Spectralayers/Ara2 is okay during the writing process of film projects in your experience?

this forum is quite in lock down, pardon the pun, even the latest update isn’t reflected in the sticky… let it live!

but i believe because spectralayers, creates a file, it doesn’t affect performance much. it pre-renders, to use this phrase.
every time you clean, it is updated. it has history files of course, that i quess are, i don’t know what to guess.
every process, or plugin takes a performance draw. but me thinks spectralayers is quite efficient. i can’t judge it for your specific situation.

try it!