ARA 2 support delayed - UPDATE

Unfortunately the release of the Cubase 10.0.30 maintenance update has to be postponed to mid of June. There are still issues with the ARA integration that need to be addressed. Please excuse the delay.



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As many of you are eagerly waiting for ARA 2 support in Cubase, it’s time to give you a heads-up on developments. Unfortunately, we had to make the decision not to include ARA 2 in the upcoming 10.0.20 maintenance update. Although the component is already in the beta testing phase since early February, we have decided to postpone its integration to the next maintenance update, which you can expect in May, in order to extend the testing and stabilization phase.

We hope you understand this decision as it’s in your own interest to be able to work with tools that you can rely on 100%.

Many thanks,

We could always Beta test it to help prepare for Nuendo 10 with ARA 2
When was that Nuendo 10 release again?

Marketing or testing YOU the user decide

Although I’ve been looking forward to this, I’d rather Steinberg spent it’s time improving C10 first and then releasing a very stable intergration of ARA2. Couple of months of extra development and testing of this feature is fine. Must be a first for Steinberg to let us know in advance of the Q1 initially promised that it’s not ready, so I guess that’s a bit of an improvement in communications :stuck_out_tongue:

I am on C10 because of ARA2 support … Now , i need to go with 10.5 and need to spend 50 eur more (10 to 10.5 upgrade) for ARA2 … not fair

My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the update.

… which is strange, considering Cubase 10.0.15 does not have, and has not claimed to have ARA2 support.

There was an announcement that it is planned to add ARA2 at some later stage so you had the choice to wait until then. I upgraded to Cubase 10 because a feature I could use (AAF) was already present in the product and was working perfectly immediately. If the only reason to upgrade had been ARA2 support, I would obviously not have upgraded because it wasn’t in the product.

So if anything is “not fair”, it’s you claiming that the fact that it hasn’t arrived yet is “not fair”, which seems to be supported by another non-fact, your claim that you will “need to spend 50 eur more”; Matthias said “the next maintenance update, which you can expect in May”, which if all goes as usual, would most likely be a free 10.0.25 or 10.0.30 update.

It is beyond bizarre that people complain on the one hand about a lack of communication from Steinberg, and then when a Steinberg representative actually does give an update, gets immediately showered with negativity!

How about “buy a product that actually has the feature I’m looking for, rather than buying one that doesn’t, and then whining about it”?

It was not “advertised to be in said product”. To this day, on the product page it states “Forthcoming support for extended communications between ARA plug-ins and Cubase”. Note the word “forthcoming”.

I don’t think that’s what Matthias was implying… you won’t need to wait until 10.5, which will be a paid annual update and will likely come out in NOVEMBER. He’s saying the NEXT maintenance update in MAY, probably corresponding to the release of Nuendo 10. So you’ll get it in likely Cubase 10.0.30 for FREE, not in 10.5.

I think it’s a good move to do a thorough beta testing on this. People can see the many issues that have come up with ARA support in other DAWs… Reaper for a recent example just launched ARA2 support, and they’ve had a number of issues to deal with post-launch already, and it’s not fully there yet, from what I understand (and what you can read in the Reaper forum). So apparently, ARA2 support is a very complex process to get right. Better to take the time needed to do it, and thanks to Steinberg for the update.

I like how you snuck that in there… :laughing:

From my reading in various other threads, I’m guessing it’s going to be May for Nuendo 10. The most recent info posted by Steinberg said, “…we are aiming for Q2 of this year, beginning of it. We still cannot confirm an ETA.”

And that would all make sense to launch Nuendo 10 and the Cubase 10 ARA update at the same time…

I totally agree!

Appriciate the info, thank you.

Thanks for the update - best to wait with ARA 2 until the implementation is solid and well tested.

I was just waiting for this announcement… :sunglasses:

Thank you for the update! I think its awesome that Steinberg communicates this delay openly. I´ve been waiting for ARA in Cubase for years. A few more weeks are more than worth it.

I just hope ARA2 for Melodyne is the real deal, fully-fleshed thing.

Although, I just discovered that the Melodyne plugin allows to use more than 1 algorithm per track, which is super cool.

Anyway! Let’s keep crossing fingers!!!

I understand the frustration of some of the users regarding delay, but I am also okay with waiting for it a little while longer if it means making it more stable.

ARA is the main feature that I was looking forward to when upgrading to v10, but truth be told I would have upgraded at some point either way.

So, as long as Steinberg puts in the effort to get it implemented by the May release, I think everyone should cut them some slack.


It’ll still be part of the Cubase 10.0.x product cycle and the feature will be added for free.

You think this is a problem? I live in the UK.

Need I say more?

Thanks for the info’ Matthias

…the upcoming 10.0.20 maintenance update…

thanks M.

This direct way of customer communication is welcome. In case of delays, that’s much better for planning, than having unclear waiting times.

A company with straight communication will always get more patience from me than a silent one.