(ARA) extension missing

Hello all,
I just noticed the following.
In my CB11Pro (win10) the (ARA) extension is no longer displayed. I had recently updated to Spectrallayers 8 and WaveLab 11 El, uninstalling the previous versions.
Now I notice that with the extension and otherwise I mean there was in the audio tab also the possibility to open Wavelab (?), that is also gone.
A “normal” new installation (without uninstalling) of Cubase did not help.
Furthermore, I deleted the settings folder and had it recreated on startup. Again without success.
Does anyone know advice?

Thanks a lot already !!!


Right-click the Info Line and enable the option from the drop-down menu, please.

Thanks for the answer - however, I always try to find unchecked boxes somewhere. This is also the case here, but everything is selected. :disappointed:


Do you have Audio Event selected? Isn’t it Audio Part by any chance?

It’s an Audio Event, when it is changed to an Audio-Part you have a different InfoLine.

I fixed it by installing SpectralLayers8 again. Obviously, after uninstalling SL7, entries were deleted that were necessary. It was not Cubase alone.


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