ARA Extension to open in lower zone as default

When I open an ARA extension either from Audio > Extensions > Spectralayers (or Melodyne) or selecting it on the info line of an audio track, the extension editor opens in its own window so I need to click the arrow to get it to re-open in the lower zone.

Can I default extensions to open in the lower zone as that’s a great place for them to be. Just trying to save clicks. Is this possible?


There is an option for this in Preferences.

Thanks for the reply Arionas.

Do you mean the “Open Editors in the lower zone”? preference. I don’t want other editors to open down there automatically, just the Extension and Sample editors…

I want the Key Editor (which I use most of all) and Score Editor to open in their own windows.

Yes, this is what I was meaning.
Other than that I don’t know how it would be possible to open just the Ara plugins in the lower zone. Maybe a workaround using screensets?