ARA for Melodyne that actually remembers and recalls properly

In Cubase 10.5, ARA with Melodyne was limited but it worked reliably. In 11, it does a lot more and is excellent. Except that in the last couple of updates it is broken. Many times people open songs that have Melodyne edits on tracks which are corrupted. Melodyne opens with a message saying all edits have been lost. This leads to a lot of frustration and anger especially when clients are told the edits have to be done again. At this point many of you will jump in and say “Just use render in place or bounce audio”. Yes, this makes the edits permanent. But often with Melodyne you do some edits and come back to the project to make further tweaks. Currently there is no safe way to do this. I and many others have contacted Celemony and their response is that the host is responsible for saving and recalling the ARA data correctly. p.s. Logic users are reporting similar issues. Please fix it Steinberg, and make Melodyne work well with Cubase again. Ed