ARA from celemony; a feature request!

the only thing i wanted to see in a paid-for cubase update was integration of celemony melodyne via ARA. it isn’t there. instead we have a couple of synths and some new effects.
not worth me upgrading. i suspect steinberg will refuse to implement ARA because of vari-audio. this is a great shame. presonus have ARA already and others apparenty will be incorporating it.
i’d hate to see steinberg deliberately choose to limit me in my melodyne madness!

Curious how it works…does this mean you don’t have to detect the audio before editing? What’s the real advantage of ARA?

with melodyne in cubase, you must record each part in real time into melodyne, then let it detect pitches. and if there are tempo changes, you must play these into melodyne too. with ara you double click a file, select “edit with melodyne” and melodyne can analyse immediately (just like vari-audio)… watch the video. ed

That’s what I was imagining. The biggest pain using melodyne currently is not that you have to pre-detect the audio, but that you can’t edit it in Cubase (e.g. Warp or comp) afterwards, since melodyne completely overlays its own version after it detects pitch.

If ARA can circumvent that problem, I’m all for it.

Then, don’t buy the upgrade.

And don’t blame Steinberg. Blame Celemony. Looks like they choose to make exclusive deal with Presonus and not approaching Steinberg to make make ARA part of the VST standard.

Just try it yourself: Make a Great Invention. Give Apple an exclusive deal for your technology for awhile. Then approach Microsoft and ask them to make your Great Invention integral part of Windows. What kind of answer would you expect to get from Microsoft?

I can bet, there’s some research going on inside Steinberg to make similar thing into VST standard. And the day they release it, mr Neubäcker (one of my heroes, btw) will sit down and recode his software to follow this new VST standard.

To be fair, I don’t think it occurred quite as you describe.

I also won’t be holding my breath for this in Cubase any time soon.

Did I mention that I’m elated that I now have 64 bit rewire?

Are you suggesting then (like OP) that Steinberg is preventing 3rd party applications to integrate with Cubase? Hello? VST? Rewire? Ever heard about them?

No you didn’t :smiley:

hello jarno. since i’m a long term cubaser, i’ll end up getting the upgrade anyway. so i can moan if i like. i’m a paying customer!
but you are wrong; celemony don’t have an exclusive deal with presonus.
read up on it if you like.
if you’re not interested in having ARA, please depart the topic.
ed (not looking for a fight, just expressing disappointment in how/what new features are added). :wink:

No, I’m simply aware of the most obvious things…VST and Rewire aren’t capable of what ARA is capable of and Steinberg has not implemented ARA. That’s all really.

Use the ignore list to avoid people who have no clue what they’re talking. The Cubase forum is the only place I actually use an ignore list. :wink:

Anyway, ARA was actually “co-developed” by Celemony and PreSonus Software.

I’ll just add to the speculation, since that’s really all we’ve got here.

I’m betting that Celemony is more interesting in selling more units of Melodyne to users than selling ARA “technology” to host developers. ARA is simply there to allow a specific type of integration that really only Melodyne seems to need at this point.

The technology is only a few months old, so it will be awhile before you see other products using it. Celemony themeselves have already said “Other manufacturers and products will follow.” They’re likely nearing the end of any exclusivity period.

It’s also very likely to be licensed for free. PreSonus has already published the specs for their new file formats (audioloops / musicloops) that kinda play nice Melo, with if any other host mfg is interested in supporting it or adopting it.

I see it as potentially very useful. However, I don’t think you’ll see it very soon as it can take years to get all standards integrated.

Considering the thread title I think this attitude to any perceived opposition:

if you’re not interested in having ARA, please depart the topic.

just looks a bit childishly bossy. :unamused: when all he did was inform you that maybe it isn’t Steinberg’s fault. If you start a thread with a title like that just accept a little diversity. It bumps your case to the top of the list after all.

If ARA can’t come to the party, tough. Won’t kill ya.

AFAIK Celemony’s exclusive contract with Presonis for ARA just ended about a month ago… hardly enough time for Steinberg to implement it (bug free) into to Cubase. I don’t know anything about programming but I’m guessing integrating a complex new technology like ARA into Cubase would require some pretty major code surgery…

“just looks a bit childishly bossy. when all he did was inform you that maybe it isn’t Steinberg’s fault”
actually no. what he did was to come into a topic and make statements about a product that weren’t really accurate. he added nothing to the topic except negativity.
my point, which may have sounded rude, was that if you agree that ARA would be good to have in cubase, please join in. obviously, this really means melodyne users. if you don’t use melodyne, feel free to read the topic but don’t jump in and tell melodyne users we don’t need it and won’t get it!
and to tell me not to buy the upgrade? isn’t that bossy!
anyway, offtopic.

All right. What’s good for you is good for others also.
What the hell you whining about? Do you know that “griefing” is not allowed by the forum rules?
And to get back on track:
Of course you’re going to get ARA tomorrow and I will enjoy it too. Isn’t it a wonderful new thingy to moan about?
Maybe we can start a new thread and all us chickens moan together.

But if you don’t agree with our moaning and dare to tell us the truth then VE WILL HAFF VAYS oF TELLING YOU TO SHUT ZER VICK UP. :mrgreen:

Another boring greifpost I’m afraid.

Geez, what a load of opinionated *holes. The OP just staed he would like ARA and I for one would too!

It feels like the forum needs a dedicated feature request section. It would lessen the confusion we are experiencing when differentiating between commplaining and requesting.

Well, maybe not exactly, I know I’m being an idealist, but at least those who don’t want to read that stuff could just not go there.

For most of the issues in this topic: Conman has read my thoughts. So I don’t echo his comments.

No he didn’t. He made far-fetched assumptions about Steinberg being unsupportive for third-party extensions (which we all know isn’t true, if we take even a slightest peek at Cubase’s history):

In my opinion this kind choise of words can’t be described as “would like”.

Did I say I’m not interested in ARA (or other similar protocol)? I’m happy user of Melodyne and ARA in Cubase might make me to upgrade both my Melodyne and Cubase licenses to current ones.

Excuse me, but who are you to tell me if I should depart or not. This forum is owned by Steinberg, not you. I don’t have to depart unless one of these parties:

  1. Steinberg (owner of the forum)
  2. German (Steinberg’s home country) authorities
  3. Finnish (country in which I’m writing this) auhtorities
    say so.

As said: YES, I’m a Melodyne user. YES, I would like to see ARA (or similar protocol) in Cubase. YES, I can say: I don’t NEED it.

actually, i didn’t say that steinberg deliberately choose to do this or that.
i said i’d hate to see them do it. please check before you copy and paste.
ho hum. ok, in order to not cause offense, i will rephrase my initial statement!

hello everybody. wouldn’t it be nice if steinberg implemented ARA.
ok, can i come back in to play now?
lighten up!